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Talofa lava!  KUKI is a manifold company which was founded in 2017 and is located in the village of Vaivase-Uta, Samoa.  KUKI manufactures natural skincare products, cold pressed Fetau (tamanu) oil and hand painted textiles in our own unique, island style.  KUKI is committed to using only the finest, quality ingredients that our Pacific Islands naturally provides and we want to share our culture and ancient remedies with the rest of the world by modernizing them into balms, salves, oils and soaps.  

Our KUKI SAMOA  textile design started in 2018 and we have a unique style and design which easily identifies our KUKI brand. Each piece of material is hand painted and distinctive.


It started from a mother’s desperation to help her son. He had a large burn on one side of his face from playing with a hot iron and she couldn’t afford over the counter medicine hence sticking to Samoan remedies. She sought advice from village elders and used a natural remedy from charcoal. She was extremely impressed with the results because it left no scar or mark on her sons’ face and continued to learn more about natural remedies to treat her family.

Today the company owned by the  Leota family and is at the cutting edge in providing an all natural skincare from the heart of Samoa.  Using mainly indigenous ingredients, our products are at the forefront in alleviating a range of ailments and conditions; including burns and aches and pains from overuse of specific muscles, anxiety, acne and anti-aging.

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Vaivase Apia Samoa