100% Pure Fetau Oil

   What is Fetau Oil? 

In Samoa, organic premium oil produced from the nut of the Fetau Tree (also known as Tamanu Oil) is an old South Polynesian remedy for various skin conditions. The nuts come from a large tropical tree called Calopyllum inopyllum which mainly grows by the seaside.  It's oil is rare because only a small area on the planet creates the conditions in which the tree can grow.  The oil is cold pressed, dark green in color and rich in essential fatty acids, sterols, lactones and unique synergistic health giving compounds.



We collect our Fetau (Tamanu) nuts from the two largest islands of Samoa. Our suppliers or villagers have been trained in how to prepare the nuts before collection.  We have our own  Fetau Oil trainer who spends a lot of his time travelling the islands scouting and training new suppliers. Without the training, the nuts will be of poor quality and one bad nut can ruin the whole entire stock.  

Next step is to bring the nuts into the KUKI processing plant where the nuts are sorted and organised into drying docks. When the nut is cracked, the kernels are pure white and are weightless.  That’s because it has no oil.  When the nuts are exposed in the full sun, a chemical reaction starts to happen and dark green oil starts to form within the nut and makes the nut heavy and sticky.  It takes about 8 weeks to cure in the sun and there is a lot of technique and labor involved during that time to make sure that the oil is of high quality.

After it has been sun dried, we then proceed to cold press the nuts to extract the oil.  

Benefits or Uses of the Fetau Oil are as follows: It can be applied directly to the skin for health or cosmetic purposes.  It can also be combined with creams, essential oils, and other ingredients for beauty products like our KUKI Fetau Salve. It also helps with wound healing, healthier hair, stops acne activity, skin or scar regeneration, effective against athlete’s foot, anti-aging, skin whitening, promote collagen, dry skin (high fat content), relief of eczema, slow hair loss, eliminates body odor etc.… and the list goes on.

Why is our 100% Pure Fetau oil a premium oil?

1. Our nuts are never hand picked, they are wild harvested from the coastline of Samoa making them organic and  eco-friendly.

2. Our nuts are not artificially dried, we believe that most good things don't happen over night. We use the natural light of the sun to dry them out.

3.Our oil is extracted by using the cold pressing method.  We do this to preserve the Fetau's aromatic and nutritional, botanical goodness that they posses.

KUKI Fetau Tree Farm

The Samaon Fetau tree also thrives on land adjacent to wetlands and tolerates shallow soils over lava rock.  KUKI is now already in the process of planting Samoa's first commercial Fetau Tree Farm.

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