House Fire: Charcoal Balm

Our first test for our Charcoal balm is when we learned of a house fire patient who suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns to the left side of his body.  He contacted KUKI 12 hours after he was discharge from hospital and the doctor gave him an IV and white antiseptic cream.  We quickly proceeded to meltdown the balm with more coconut oil and used a soft paint brush to apply to his wounds.  In about an hour, the foul odour disappeared and he could open his left eye, the heat started to lessen and his skin stopped sweating.  He applied this balm up to 2-3 weeks until there was no more fluid and infection.  He had mobility in his burnt elbow after 24 hours.  He is so happy to find pain relief so quickly.    Patient X, Vailele,Samoa

This patient cut her foot in Malaysia on a sharp piece of iron sticking out of the grass. She left a 20 metre trail of blood up the hill as she limped back to the carpark. An hour later when the bleeding had stopped,  she applied KUKI Charcoal Balm on her wound and wrapped it up overnight  (she refused to go the local hospital to get her tetanus shot).  In the morning, the pus of the wound was on the outside of the bandage and the wound pictured below is clean, pain free and not infected.  She walked normally the very next day and continued on her world tour without further trouble.  Activated Charcoal binds these toxic substances and organisms so that the body can heal itself.  This balm helps remove fluids and toxins that impair the healing process.

                                                                         Patient J, Mootootua Apia

Malaysian Foot Blunder

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